You'll see Jocko and his ilk popping up in various guises here
and on LATDA collateral (should you choose to become a
member). It was decided early that the generically named
Jocko should become the frontman for LATDA. Why? Because
everybody loves monkeys (we were told), and this is a
museum that needs to be loved... for survival.

Even in the face of criticism that argues that simian
imagery undercuts what should be a staid museum image,
Jocko gamely continues to help us monkey with the
process of imagining what LATDA should be.

On the eve of another LATDA milestone
(the mounting
of a major exhibition that will have broad appeal
as well as sub-culture support... a show that
hits cutting
edge notes along with some history-tinged ones...
a show overflowing with gorgeous
kokeshi ( don't
know what kokeshi are? HINT: they
are the "d" in LATDA), we
apologize for not imagining LATDA as a stuffy hall filled
with dinosaurs. No, thanks to Jocko's hard work,
gIves LATDA a
home, if only for 3 months, in two museum galleries
packed with... glorious, crazy, beautiful obsession.