HISTORICAL NOTE: One day, a LATDA founder remarked how much she liked the E-Toys theme. That's how old this video is! The resulting Flash animation was LATDA's attempt at capturing childhood nostalgia. It's instructive to note that nostalgia has never been a goal of LATDA.


About LATDA:

Welcome to the Los Angeles Toy, Doll and Amusements Museum! (Please, call us LA-T-DA.)  Like any good museum, we started with a standard Mission Statement: To explore, examine and interpret objects of play and amusement and their influence in various times and cultures. And as mission statements go, it is pretty dry--but it is clear. Because museums exist to interpret objects, not just put them on display without prodding you to think about them.  And interpretations are, well, open to re-interpretation, and that’s where the exploration, examination, and transformative experience comes in. 

LATDA does not have a physical location. However, in the past we have partnered with like-minded organizations to present innovative exhibitions that made adults feel like kids again, and made kids happy to be alive. In between those exhibitions, we kept our fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in the toy world, as you can see when you follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We like to create products for those who make toys a part of their daily lives. Visit the LATDA Store (cleverly called LATDAstore.com) and live the LATDA Lifestyle! Mainly, we possess the desire to learn from — and have fun with —  the stuff that has entranced kids (and adults) since forever. We traffic in objects of delight.

Who We Are:

We’re toy-lovers. We’re native and former Angelenos, museum professionals and dreamers whose combined experience in education, entertainment, art and retail has led us to a common passion: toys. We’re rebels, each in our own little ways, and each with a burning desire to create provocative, thoughtful, and unexpected exhibits.