Chicken Boy and other amusements...

Last night I attended a presentation by Amy Inouye and Kathy Cadien at the Skylight Bookstore on Vermont in Los Feliz (haven't been there since it was Chatterton's!) These two artists told their inspirational tales of passion for two hunks of Fiberglas - Chicken Boy and Pegthroat the Pirate.

What I took away from the evening (besides a feeling of camaraderie and empathy) was the lesson that all grown-up dreams become inextricably tied up in a web of politics and financial responsibility when they are on their road to reality. That these women have both persevered to save their Fiberglas guys (22' and 26' tall, respectively) for a period of years, is an amazing story. But it was comforting to note that along the way they have both assembled their own band of supporters. They are my role models and heroes!

Note to LATDA fans: Amy Inouye is also a designer and artist, and was once of the first people to submit a piece for "Playing With the Box". It is a wonderful piece of work that is entitled "Design-Your-Own-Disney Hall". We will endeavor to link a picture of it to our web site as a preview for our first show. Stay tuned. (Amy has also designed a book with photographer Gary Leonard entitled, "Symphony in Steel: Walt Disney Concert Hall Goes Up" published by Angel City Press)

As a welcome respite from the strikes and fires of the past week, I went to see "Dressed for Thrills: Vintage Halloween Costumes" at the Craft and Folk Art Museum (Los Angeles). This is an exhibition based on the book of the same name and written by Phyllis Galembo, who owns most of the artifacts in the exhibition. As usual, CAFAM created a beautiful jewel of an exhibition, and the only thing it wanted for was another two or three rooms full of artifacts. I wanted MORE (especially having read and purchased the book last year.) It was an interesting presentation of actual costumes and large cibachrome photographs of children wearing costumes. The photos were presented as artifacts themselves. After re-visiting the book, I don't know what costumes I would have added to the current presentation (although I did like the 'Queen of the Night'). The ones with printed Halloween patterns were the best. The show is up for one more week...Go see it and support CAFAM. A bonus exhibition of woodworker Sam Maloof's work is on the third floor.