You REALLY like us!

The year is barreling to the end, and here are the results of our plea for support: 16 new members so far, two of them are Shiny Fire Truck supporters! We are at 25% of our goal with FOUR days left to go!

We had a very nice write-up by Sharon Yamato who has a column in the Rafu Shimpo (a local bilingual newspaper celebrating its 100th year in existence!) The article is about year-end giving, and Yamato cites us (an unsolicited promo!) as a local fledgling organization worthy of donations. While we blush at being included in such venerable company as the Manzanar Committee , Visual Communications, and Great Leap , we do promise to deliver content and thought-provoking exhibitions that have relevance to society and the cultural arts. We received 250 visitors to our web site on Christmas Day! We believe these visits were prompted by the article. If you come visit again, don?t forget to join!

I, for one, was moved by Yamato's article to whip out my checkbook and send each of the above organizations a donation.