JOCKO T-shirts available online...almost

We finally have something for you to buy in our museum store! A very cool Jocko t-shirt is available... or sort of. We posted it for sale last week and sold two before Paypal and our server conspired to send people on a wild web chase. But we are working out the bugs and beg you to be patient. Believe me, we want to sell these shirts!

One thing you should know, if you have tried to become members and got fed up with the Paypal system, Paypal has changed their policy and if you want to just get on with it and buy something without becoming a member of Paypal, you can! It is as easy as buying from any other secure site and it enables us to sell on our web site without having to expend capital to become a full-fledged capitalist organization (meaning many monthly fees and sales minimums).

Not to bore you, but I recently attended a Museum Store Association (MSA) meeting where they discussed the importance of the museum store as a revenue stream for funding museum programming (not to mention paying salaries and the electric bill), and there was a presentation about UBIT (unrelated business income tax) laws. For non-profit institutions, income from museum store enterprises are non-taxable by the IRS, EXCEPT for certain types of merchandise. In the past, logo merchandise like t-shirts, shot glasses, mouse pads and mugs were considered taxable since they didn't relate directly to the institution's mission statement or permanent collection. But now the IRS has amended this to say that if the item serves as a viable marketing tool , i.e. a 'walking billboard' for the organization, that it could be considered as tax exempt.

Our t-shirts not only serve as billboards, but could even be considered 'amusements' since they are so entertaining! The web site address and the proper pronunciation of the acronym "LATDA", appear clearly on the shirt (along with an attractive portrait of our mascot). They are also verrry comfortable. And when you buy one, you are saying that you support us and want to see us produce more exhibitions!

Hey, if you don't want to buy online, send us a check (LATDA Museum, P.O.Box 41011, Los Angeles, CA 90041) and we will send you your shirt via priority mail. Just check out the prices ($18 for members; $20 for non-members; $5.00 for shipping and handling) and make out your check accordingly. If you sign up as a Shiny Red Fire Truck member, we will send you a shirt for free! (Just let us know what size)

Remember, the holidays are coming up and these shirts would make great gifts! Give a gift that supports a good cause!