In praise of LATDA's 'Graphics Guy'

By now many of you have received the postcard advertising our most recent show. Whether you have received the real or the virtual card, you will probably recognize the creative hand of Gary van der Steur, who only half-jokingly refers to himself as our 'graphics guy'. We know him as much more (as you will in the future) since he has almost single-handedly created the look and tone of LATDA. Father of Jocko and Jacko, writer of the LATDA theme song (we must be the only museum to have its own theme song - how cool is that?), designer of our official t-shirt, our web site - Gary has really put his heart and soul (and his quirky, edgy mind) into this work. All without monetary compensation, we should add.

If you haven't already linked to his web site through ours, take some time to do so soon. Make yourself comfortable and explore his personal works (he's just finished a new piece called "Moon in the Trees") and marvel that all you see, hear and read comes from one source.

When you've finished listening, laughing and crying, stand up and clap your cymbals together in applause!

Then push one of the donation buttons on our web site so we can start paying the guy someday!