Funny Munky

Went to the opening of the Funny Club show at Munky King in Chinatown last night. This was another attempt on my part to learn more about the art/urban/vinyl/toy phenomenon. The tiny space was PACKED with hipsters, fans (who obviously understood the scene already), and artists. I spied Gary Baseman in a corner but had already been peristaltically moved in a clockwise motion by the crowd edging to speak to the two artists, b.b.birdy and Nakanari. The designers were customizing blank DIY figures with paint pens as well as signing posters.

The mood was festive, but a little on the loud side for any kind of talk thanks to the reggae DJ truck in the front of the store. It was also too crowded to really stop and look at any of the work, so there will have to be another trip to view the show more carefully. I also made the gaffe of mistaking the founder of the store for someone else.

As I said, I didn’t get a good look at the show to make any informed comments about it, but I did pick up two of the DIY toys that were flying out of the store at $11 a pop. Gary and I examined them over dinner at the Empress Pavilion and found them tantalizingly well-engineered and fun to play with in their raw form (although we had to take care not to lose the tiny pieces in the string beans). The Cautions! Copy on the box seemed out of step with the slick product design, but maybe they were just having us on:

“The small products are enclosed in this box. Please do not hold them in the mouth by any means. There is a risk of being suffocated. Please do not give the children under 6-year-old by any means. There is a risk of the accident of not considering. Be careful of the handling enough. Please do not play with the products damaged for safety.”

Anyway, I will be going back to Munky King and would suggest you go too!