LA Times Article

I almost forgot to include this back story. When I was interviewed by the LA Times reporter we talked of many things. Shana Ting Lipton apologized for asking me more questions than would be covered by the article (which BTW was included in the last LA Times Weekend Calendar format - more's the pity since that was the only reason I continued to take the LA Times home delivery - I LIKED the original Calendar format and hardly ever read the Sunday Times Calendar section). We spoke of many things, like biculturalism, parents, etc. At the end of the hour-long interview on my cell phone (which I am paying dearly for) she said, "Oh, I almost forgot, my dad asked me to ask you if you were connected to another Kwong. He had a friend who spelled his named the same as yours. He was a photographer named Sam." I said, "That would be my dad!" She said, "My dad bought your dad's duplex!" And that was when I had to move because I was living in the downstairs unit.