Buried treasure

Another story from the other Coast...

Story: Phoenix, AZ, when [I was] a kid, was a suburban hot bed of toys. I had a Zorro outfit, with a mask, cape, and sword that had chalk on the end for drawing the "Mark of Zorro"...Steve Canyon helmet, Rifleman rifle, a Mare's Leg from "Wanted Dead or Alive", models. When I got older, I buried all my toys in the backyard. Worth a small fortune now..all buried in a heap....sigh....often considered digging them out and going to eBay!!! I just remembered I had a Roy Rogers set..including "Nelly Bell"...the Jeep.

TV ruled my toy world. Aviation models, too. Great how the backyard, with toys, and friends, became such a full world...and we had to make our OWN sound effects!! Now, the adult toys are way too expensive and somehow not as fulfilling as those of my youth...but I still make models...and they touch the fun.

--David, Brooklyn, NY

Yes, and all that creativity is now serving David well in his career as musician-composer. By the way, David, where did you say you lived in Phoenix?

What is it about buried toys? I don't think I have ever lived in a house where I didn't dig up a cat's eye marble or five. I know that it probably has something to do with the size of the object and its tendency to roll away, but there is something exciting about seeing the glint of light from a mud-encrusted bump in a dirt clod - like finding diamonds.

There is a lovely story in an exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum about a Japanese American boy who was incarcerated at one of the camps during World War II. He was eight or nine at the time and one of the rare amusements he had in camp was a bag of marbles. For some reason, I don't remember why now, he buried the marbles under the front steps of his barracks home. Many years later, while on a pilgrimage to share his past with his children or grandchildren, he remembered about the marbles. Although the barracks were long gone, he figured out where his former home stood and paced out where the front step would have been and dug up his marbles.

Buried treasure...