Playing With the Box

At the risk of appearing like I have no life, I am making another blog entry today. It is very exciting (and nerve-wracking) to come up with an idea and throw it out to a bunch of artists. Add a deadline and you are sure to end up with hives if you expect it to be met. Still, as the entries come in from various corners of the world (yesterday we received a delightful entry from Adam Peele, a designer in Tokyo, Japan!), it is like Christmas morning every time we receive an entry.

Adam sent us a box of cardboard white mice that operate under golf ball power! He said they reminded him of a mechanical toy mouse he wanted as a child. They kind of remind me of a toy mouse that my brother bought on the Venice boardwalk when we were kids. We saw a man hawking this 'magic' mouse that would skitter up his hands, trying to crawl onto his chest. He kept rotating his hands rapidly so it could never actually crawl onto him. What we couldn't see was the piece of fishing line attached from a button on his shirt to the mouse's nose. We fell for it and bought one of the mice and were duly disappointed that it wasn't really magic. Still it was a pretty good illusion for a dollar.

We still have not secured a venue or a date for "Playing With the Box", so if you are an artist and want to be part of this inaugural event, there is still time to submit an entry! For more details on the rules and regs, email us at and put "I want to PWB" in the subject line.